Ok, You’re Organized: Now What?

June 5, 2013  |  Organize  |  Comments Off on Ok, You’re Organized: Now What?


organize1Many times after I’ve helped a client organize a beautiful, functional space they’ll ask, “ok, now what”?

Being organized, knowing where things go, being able to find things, and having a “to do” list of priorities is one thing, but taking action on these priorities is another challenge altogether.  Before taking action comes the very key step of “thinking or processing”.  Here’s how it works:

Step #1:  Make your “to do list” then prioritze what needs to be done.

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Having The Right Tools In Life

May 23, 2013  |  Feng Shui, Organize  |  Comments Off on Having The Right Tools In Life

Cutco KnivesA buddy of my son recently phoned to make a sales pitch for Cutco knives.  If you haven’t heard of Cutco the product is right up there with Wusthof cutlery and other world-class brands.

What I didn’t know is that Cutco products are made in America and they have a lifetime guarantee.  Cutco also creates scholarship programs for college students based on what the student sells.  Justin was talking with me in the hopes that he could earn some scholarship money.

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Addiction to Clutter

March 8, 2010  |  Organize  |  Comments Off on Addiction to Clutter

The recent media attention with Tiger Woods has piqued our interest in
addictive behaviors. Whether it be: sex, gambling, porn, watching
sports, video games, surfing the internet or even chocolate, we find
ourselves curious about other people’s addictive behaviors.

We all have addictive behaviors. According to dictionary.com,
addiction is described as:
“ the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice to something that
is psychologically or physically habit-forming to such an extent that
its cessation causes severe trauma”.

Sound familiar? Ever try going off coffee? Ever try to stop
working-out at the gym so much? Ever try to stop spending money on
aimless shopping? Or how about food, surfing the internet. And then
there is clutter.

With clutter, it is the emotional co-dependency we have to the stuff
around us that holds us in the past. Why? Because the past is
familiar. We know the past, we have been there before. We don’t have
to adjust to anything new or different than what we already know.
Remember, “if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll get what
you’ve always gotten.”

Too much stuff around us dulls the senses, we get stuck and often
sick. We drone through life with emotional energy of a slug. And
guess what happens when we go shopping for more stuff? Yes, this is
addictive behavior. Unconscious shopping suppresses the feeling of
not having any direction, or not having anything to do and while we
get a temporary fix of obtaining new, fresh stuff the end result is
useless inventory that creates more clutter.

Pick a space in your environment that has your stuff and look closely
at your inventory with a fresh eye. What items do you have that are
no longer useful but have emotional attachments? The letter jacket
from college? Your wedding gown from two marriages ago? Old
magazines from a project or hobby that you no longer have time for?

Look closely. Pick one category or classification and purge these
items by either : giving them away, selling them, or throwing them
away. Don’t look back. Now you’ve made room for something current to
come into your life. Something that fits with who you are right now.

Start small and go through one drawer, one shelf, or one corner.
After you are finished enjoy the new space you have. The space where
new energy and fresh ideas can come into. Tap into how you feel.
Really get in touch with these emotions. Are you nostalgic? Sad?
Relieved? Excited? Breathe deeply and let go of any negative

Keep breathing slowly. Where are you feeling it? Neck? Stomach? Heart?

All of your clutter is attached to your emotions. All of your
emotions are attached to your health and our health is attached to the
way we feel about ourselves.